Thursday, May 4, 2017

Revoke App Access

For Staff and Students... The recent email weirdness seems to be a bit more under control, and Google Drive seems to be back up and running again. 
Please take a moment and show your students how to (1) delete all those odd emails and empty their trash, and (2) complete the following check of app permissions: 

"I clicked on the link - now what do I do?" 

  • First, don't panic. This was a huge, Google-wide issue. It's not your fault. 
  • If you simply opened the email and saw a big blue button but didn't click on it, you're okay, but just in case, read on... 
  • If the blue button in the email was clicked, you were likely asked to give permission to something pretending to be "Google Docs" to access your account. If you did NOT allow this permission, you should be okay, but just in case, read on... 
  • Once access was granted to a user's account, this fake "Google Docs" app would then try to take over a user's GMail and Contacts, sending requests to re-share the bogus email to everyone in the user's Contacts.  

THE GOOD NEWS: You can revoke an app's access to your account at any time! This is a handy tip, even if you were unaffected today. 
  • Visit - Really... it's okay... it's safe... 
  • You'll see a list of "Apps connected to your account" like the screenshot below 
    • Inline image 3  
  • Look down the list for an app called "Google Docs", click on it, and click the big blue  REMOVE  button 
    • Don't worry - the real Google Docs doesn't need this permission and won't show up on this screen 
  • Click OK when you see the "Remove Access" screen. 

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